GD823 Neoprene Waist Belt

If you’re looking to relieve some minor pain on your waist, RCL GD823 Neoprene Waist Belt is an ideal choice.
RCL GD823 Neoprene Waist Belt provides excellent protection and external support for the lumbar region of the back while also encouraging proper body mechanics when lifting and bending. You’ll feel better and protect your spine by maintaining proper alignment. This product would also be an excellent choice for moderate levels of back pain.
  • Stretchy design, one size fit for most people
  • Wrap-around band that fastens around the waist with Velcro
  • Can be cleaned with a soft cloth and soapy water
  • Size(when unstretchy): 103 x 20.5 cm
  • Made from neoprene which can be closely sticked to the location of required with the feature of wind-proof
  • Composition: 3.0mmSBR/NEOPRENE