About Us


Tatt Seng Sporting Goods Sdn. Bhd. was previously known as Tatt Seng Trading Co. The name change has taken place on 1st Jan 2008.

Tatt Seng Trading Co. was established in 1986. We were originally a wholesale company selling household utensils, stationeries and sporting goods. In view of the increasing health conscious living style of Malaysians, the company decides to change the business strategy to focus on selling sport goods, accessories and recreation products.

RCL brand was created in 1988. It brings the meaning with an abbreviation of “Reliable, Consistent, Lasting”. The brand is created to be in line with the company’s mission of continuously improving and supplying quality products which fulfill the following criteria:

  • Good quality product you can Rely on (R)
  • Our product qualities are always Consistent (C)
  • Our products will Last long (L)

At the early stage of RCL, the brand is only used on the badminton shuttlecocks produced by the company. Today, RCL is one of the leading brands in Malaysia for Badminton Shuttlecocks. Under the RCL brand, we also expand and extend our business to other sporting and recreation goods such as rackets, balls, protector guards, carrom boards, camping tents and so on. We have a comprehensive network of distributors covering the whole Malaysia, ranging from sport shops to hypermarkets.


The company believes in the philosophy of giving everyone a chance to enjoy a healthy life. As a result, we sell our quality products at affordable, fair and competitive price.

Interaction with Community

Tatt Seng is also an active partner for sport sponsorship, teaming up with numerous organizations for sport tournament from time to time.